New in Sliptree: invoice payment method

So you’ve got many different customers – Annie always pays cash, Marty usually does the same but sometimes has to whip out their credit card and your cousin Bobby always insists on a wire transfer, except on Tuesdays and whenever the wind blows from the East.  In cases like these, it might just help to … Continued

Better PDF filenames

We just launched a small, but helpful update today. Many moons ago we added support for creating Estimates, which some of our customers use a lot. When either estimates or invoices are downloaded, the file name simply contains the document number. A filename might look like this: 2019-06-1.pdf There’s a problem with that, however: it’s … Continued

Custom document titles

Today we launched a small, but rather helpful tweak: customizable document titles. What are these? Well, sometimes you might need to call your invoices something else than an Invoice. Perhaps your business delivers physical goods, so you’d like to show something like Invoice / Delivery Note instead. The possibilities are endless, really.   How does … Continued

Are you using the Client-Specific Language feature yet?

What languages do you clients speak? Time to talk back to them in their own language When sending your international clients invoices, have you received feedback that they have trouble interpreting your invoices? “Please translate this invoice” Or “Please indicate the amount in USD” Or “I don’t understand the dates on the invoice, please advise” … Continued

Deleting Invoices & Credit Notes – How You Can Do It

We’ve all done it. Either by error or being over zealous and getting ahead of ourselves. I’m talking about creating invoices for potential and existing clients when payment for services have not been agreed or finalised. Well, now with the latest Sliptree update we have some awesome new features that we know you’ll love to … Continued

Invoice History – Track Your Clients

Clients are great at keeping us in suspense, in particular after an invoice has been sent to them. When you’ve previously had a chatty email rapport with them, suddenly you find yourselves off their christmas card list and left in the dark. How do you know if they have received the invoice and actually viewed … Continued

Now you can create estimates and convert them into invoices!

Following on from a recent survey from Sliptree users, the defining feature missing from making our users daily business grind even easier was the function to create estimates and convert them into invoices. Well, the team are thrilled to announce here it is! The estimates functions are related to existing Sliptree invoices. Yet, estimates do … Continued

Alternative payment option

We have added an alternative payment option – bank links. It is very common way of paying online in the Nordic and Baltic countries. So, we decided to start with the Baltic states and Finland first. This option is only possible to pay for the Annual subscription.

Localizing software on the fragmented European market

In Sliptree, a big part of our product is localization. We always wanted to make sure that wherever businesses are using our app, it would feel like something a local business would have built for them. It’s not just about speaking their language – it’s the details that matter: the way numbers, dates, financial numbers … Continued

Simple way to manage your clients and services

Up until now you could only edit your clients and products/services as they appeared while compiling an invoice  – not the most convenient way to manage them, some would say. That way getting a good grip of things was rather difficult, especially for those of you that have a substantial list of clients or services … Continued