Better PDF filenames

We just launched a small, but helpful update today. Many moons ago we added support for creating Estimates, which some of our customers use a lot. When either estimates or invoices are downloaded, the file name simply contains the document number. A filename might look like this: 2019-06-1.pdf There’s a problem with that, however: it’s … Continued

Custom document titles

Today we launched a small, but rather helpful tweak: customizable document titles. What are these? Well, sometimes you might need to call your invoices something else than an Invoice. Perhaps your business delivers physical goods, so you’d like to show something like Invoice / Delivery Note instead. The possibilities are endless, really.   How does … Continued

Little tweak: send invoices in different languages

When you do business across the border it is obvious you will send invoices in English or in destination language. Last week we tested a little. When you choose the template language you will get the same language body text in Send invoice window. That created problems to some of our customers. Why? Well, they … Continued