Better PDF filenames

We just launched a small, but helpful update today. Many moons ago we added support for creating Estimates, which some of our customers use a lot. When either estimates or invoices are downloaded, the file name simply contains the document number.

A filename might look like this: 2019-06-1.pdf

There’s a problem with that, however: it’s not instantly clear from the filename whether it’s an estimate or invoice or something else entirely. When we recently added support for customizing document titles, it made things even more confusing.

Based on a suggestion by one of our users we now prepend the document title to the filename, so that it’s clear what type of document you are dealing with.

Here’s what it looks like now: Invoice No. 2019-06-1.pdf

The same filename is used whether downloading the invoice as PDF, sending it directly to your customer’s email or downloading multiple invoices.

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