€0 per month.

€0 per month.
Create invoices worth up to €1000 (£780*) every month. As simple as that.

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€17 (£15) per month + VAT*

€17 (£15) per month + VAT*
Your business, our app.
No limitations.

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Can I switch plans?
You can always switch between plans as your business grows.

When do you start billing?
We will let you know when your trial is over – you can then choose your plan. If you choose the Unlimited plan, we will charge your card immediately and then again on the first day of every month.

How is the monthly €1000 limit calculated?
The €1000 limit is calculated based on the invoice date and the net sum of your invoices, excluding any taxes.

What happens if I go over the €1000 limit?
You will not be able to create further invoices for that month. You can either wait for the next month or upgrade to the Unlimited plan. You will never be charged unless you switch to the Unlimited plan.

What about VAT?
The monthly fee excludes VAT. If your company is registered for VAT or you are registered outside of the EU, then VAT will not be added.

What if something happens?
Support? We do our own – no robots here. Simply message us!

Free Trial

All new accounts start with a 14-day free trial. You don’t need to enter your billing details until your trial is over.
Your free trial is a great opportunity to move your invoices over to Sliptree and use our awesome features. And it’s free to do so!

Refunds and cancellation

We do not issue refunds, however, you can cancel your account anytime without penalty, no questions asked.


*Exchange rates subject to change