Localizing software on the fragmented European market

In Sliptree, a big part of our product is localization. We always wanted to make sure that wherever businesses are using our app, it would feel like something a local business would have built for them. It’s not just about speaking their language – it’s the details that matter: the way numbers, dates, financial numbers … Continued

Taxation of e-services

Sander Adamson from Ernst & Young has wrote a short overview of upcoming changes in e-services taxation. I’ve asked him to write as non layer style as possible, so the post should be easy to read. Overview of the changes As of 1 January 2015 major value-added tax (VAT) change impacts companies providing electronic services … Continued

Swedbank is sponsoring Sliptree

It was a nice surprise to be chosen for Swedbank’s sponsored work space in Garage48 HUB in Tallinn. So we have know a table and a chair with Swedbank labels on them. The cool thing is that we can get more immediate feedback from our customers in HUB. And networking is always good. Bank people … Continued

Why should a webpage have content strategy?

Just as no builder will start building a house from foundation and without proper drawings, you should not start building your webpage without a proper plan. A proper plan about which pieces this webpage will consist of and how these pieces will fit together with one another. Also with both, building a house or a … Continued

What happens when the sky falls down?

A very likable animated character from the end of the Soviet era has been ingrained in my memory. This certain character was a rabbit who had been startled in his sleep, causing him to raise panic among inhabitants of the woods – „The sky is falling down!“ was his main message. I will try to … Continued

What everyone should know about 50:50 parntership

It is very common, that two friends rush into starting a business and set the partnership to be 50:50. This halves the financial duty, managing responsibility and general commitment. Is this, however, what both had in mind? Let’s take a closer look at the joys and worries of an equal partnership. Making decisions I am … Continued