Helpful improvements

Our users would be glad to hear that we have started to launch some requested improvements. After creating a list of new features for 2015/2016, we kicked off with the simply achievable tasks, such as the rounding logic which has now been updated. Previously there were several issues with certain number combinations that caused the system to create slight rounding errors. But that … Continued

New Sliptree version

We have some exciting news – for the past 2 years we’ve worked hard on making a new version of Sliptree and time has finally come to reveal it to our users :) The new Sliptree is a big step forward – it has many new features, a slicker interface and gives you an even … Continued

Taxation of e-services

Sander Adamson from Ernst & Young has wrote a short overview of upcoming changes in e-services taxation. I’ve asked him to write as non layer style as possible, so the post should be easy to read. Overview of the changes As of 1 January 2015 major value-added tax (VAT) change impacts companies providing electronic services … Continued

Little tweak: send invoices in different languages

When you do business across the border it is obvious you will send invoices in English or in destination language. Last week we tested a little. When you choose the template language you will get the same language body text in Send invoice window. That created problems to some of our customers. Why? Well, they … Continued

Create invoices in German and in French

Don’t send English language invoices to your customers in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and in Luxembourg. Unless you have agreed on that. Otherwise you might just piss them off. Their accountants need to deal with your invoices and they prefer local language. Think about it, be polite. As everybody knows Europe is language mixture … Continued

New feature: add or hide Unit column

  Customers have asked the Unit column. Well, here it is. It has the same logic as VAT and Discount columns, you can add and hide them when you need. So far you needed to add comments to describe your service or product in details. Now it is easier. Try out this new feature!

New pricing

We are glad to introduce our new pricing model which will be effective from 1st of June 2014. We have asked it from our long term customers and they all seem to like the simplicity of the new pricing system. Flex pricing model was a bit complicated to explain and it was even more complicated to … Continued

NEW: Add and hide columns

You can add and hide columns on the invoice template. You can just simple use check boxes to switch in and out some columns. Actually we had done this little tweak because some of the clients complained they need explane to their clients why there is a Discount column, but they never get discount. Is … Continued

Swedbank is sponsoring Sliptree

It was a nice surprise to be chosen for Swedbank’s sponsored work space in Garage48 HUB in Tallinn. So we have know a table and a chair with Swedbank labels on them. The cool thing is that we can get more immediate feedback from our customers in HUB. And networking is always good. Bank people … Continued