Why Sliptree?

Send estimates to potential clients

Before you can bill your clients, they may want to see an estimate. It’s easy. You can send them estimates as beautiful as the invoices

What Our Customers Say

“The beauty of Sliptree is that it’s very easy to learn. We’ve never needed a training and even personally customised it for our company when invoicing our clients. Plus, for a global digital company likes ours, sending invoices in multiple languages is a nice touch.”

David Bailey, CEO at Blu Mint Digital

“Sliptree is a great tool that suits our translation agency perfectly – we can easily send invoices to different countries and we love it. Plus, Sliptree’s invoice look so good.”

Ave Rosenthal-Juhkam, founder and CEO of Swesteng Översättningar AB


“Sliptree has made work a lot easier when it comes to sending clients invoices. Once a client’s details are all set up you just have to give a quick description of the work, price and dates and thats it. It makes it very quick and easy next time you invoice that same client. Plus they look extremely professional, which in return makes me look professional.”

Dave Hallett, http://davehallett.net